BordaMedia will give you training on implementing and executing SEO and Google Analytics strategies. We go beyond the usual search engine optimisation training, and develop skills in using online real estates as a business tool with a focus on developing marketing methods that allow the measurement of return on investment (ROI).

Many people are unwilling to join SEO training, as much of the information is available for free on the Internet. However, joining our sessions has many advantages over learning from freely available online tutorials.

  • Unlike many free SEO training videos and articles, BordaMedia SEO training provides a deeper understanding of SEO techniques and is usually designed by trained professionals.
  • Good SEO training also allows one-on-one interactions with trainers and feedback on projects that facilitate better understanding. Giving you an opportunity to work on any personal project with the experts.
  • Free SEO courses might promote illegal methods to promote websites and Google can even ban your website for using these illegal methods.