A digital marketing campaign is lost for direction without a website to point towards, however we often underestimate the importance of the website itself. Potential customers develop a lasting first impression from your website whilst relying on its appeal, usability and many other factors to convert them into a paying customer.

Estelle Wigs Website Design by Borda Media

Borda Media specialise in delivering modern, responsive and attractive website designs that deliver a positive reflection on your business. Our solutions are designed to appeal to the latest trends, most optimal programming languages and brand consistency.

Our website design solutions are custom tailored to every individual customer. Whether you are looking for a custom framework or a design to be implemented on an existing content management system platform, our team have the expertise to assist you.

In order to offer structure and transparency in our website design projects, we break the deliverable into four sections which allow for evaluation and input. This has proven an effective method of keeping the customer involved without compromising the delivery time frame. Whilst scheduled bespoke for your project, you can see the various stages below: