What influences a site’s position?

There are many factors that affect position of a particular site in the search engine results. Those are both internal (on the site) and external (quality of links leading to the site) factors. We deal with both. Each project begins with a SEO Audit, during which we analyze the site and prepare recommendations concerning technical aspects, content and semantics. Proper preparation and optimisation of the page is the first step in the process of Search Engine Optimisation.

Working on a page optimisation we focus, inter alia, on the following factors:

  • Website code – to make sure it is in accordance with the Google guidelines,
  • Site structure – to prepare page addresses in a way that users and search engine crawlers could easily reach the content,
  • Content – unique content is most appreciated by Google, especially when it can attract a user and keep him on the site longer,
  • Others – relevant for a given site.

Optimisation of the site for search engines should be an ongoing process because Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, as well as forms in which results are displayed and ways users search for the desired content.

During the project, we monitor traffic, site rankings, keywords popular among users, both in desktop browsers and mobile. Based on the analysis of that data, we draw conclusions, share them with Clients and plan further actions. Close cooperation with the Clients is the basis of a successful project.

Borda Media Can Help You Rank on Google

Borda Media will outline a long term strategy to maximise your organic search results. Our strategy will include both on-page and off-page suggestions as well as outlining a link strategy which plays a substantial part in SEO. The ultimate goal is to bring more traffic to your website in an aim to generate more business/awareness. We will make both practical and technical suggestions on how to improve and enhance the site SEO capability. In the short term we aim to allow search engines such as Google, Yahoo and BING to index fully your entire site. In the long term we aim to increase qualified traffic to your site, increase brand presence, ensure compatibility with your marketing plans and deliver a healthy ROI (return On investment). We will also provide a simple competitor analysis to show you the current visibility of some of your competitors online.

The implementation of your strategy is key to its success. If you have existing high rankings in search engines it is important not to lose these. Using an approved redirection of these links will ensure they do not have a negative factor in your optimisation. This will need to be carefully worked out before substantial changes are made on the site. Borda Media’s implementation service includes the otimisation of the sites home page and an overview recommendation strategy for optimising additional pages. Should you wish Borda Media to provide information or optimise each page of your site this can also be done.