Borda Media’s social media marketing campaigns take recognised social media platforms, online communities and community websites into account. The vast range of social platforms constitutes a basic channel of communication that allows for efficient online marketing. The tremendous popularity of social media and its diversity (Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and so on) enable us to select not only the proper medium, but also the adequate manner of executing a marketing strategy, perfectly adjusted to our client’s brand.

Traditional media has only allowed for unilateral contact with customers. Such solutions are nowadays much less effective, as they provide no feedback or interactions from your audience.

Social media channels used in marketing campaigns allow for freeform communication and the establishment of genuine dialogue. Presence on such portals increases trustworthiness of brands, improves their image and encourages interaction from users, helping to build trust and attract new prospective clients interested in your field of business.

Internet users have become more and more demanding, as evidenced by resistance against certain content published on social portals. Our experienced experts know how to avoid this; they know how to reach your clients in a meaningful manner and engage in actual conversations ultimately translating conversion into concrete business benefits.

Our experience is built upon many years of work in the industry, following the latest trends and exploring creative ways of attracting clients.

Our social media campaigns are second to none, optimising modern strategy and implementation in order to deliver you results. This is achieved through a range of key steps including:

Listen: The social media landscape is busy and plenty of noise. This makes it a challenge to identify and monitor the conversations happening on blogs, social networks, forums, micro-blogging services, news sites, and more. We listen to millions of conversations about your brand and products in real-time without having to spend time to set up a query, profile or project.

Measure: In real-time, track and measure campaigns, brands, products and sentiment (positive, negative or neutral), and provide additional context by analyzing results over time, as well as comparisons with competitors.

Understand: Get insight into the conversations happening, who’s involved and where they are taking place. Then, determine the impact on your company’s products and brands, and if needed, make adjustments to your communications, marketing or sales plans.

Engage: Identify the people driving the conversations, and understand who they are, their interests and their authority/relevance to your brand or products. This lets you engage with key influencers and opinion leaders to build, nurture and manage relationships. We then provide authority and reach scores for these individuals based on a variety of factors such as inbound links, social bookmarks, comments and other activities.